Brit Care I’ve to control my weight


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I‘m a gourmet and food is my passion. I like trying the different treats which the local kids bring me. But oops, when I caught a glimpse of my reflection in the mirror the other day, it gave me a shock. I‘ve put on so much weight, immediate action is needed right now. The most important thing is that Charlie, the tomcat next door, doesn‘t notice anything. I and my Mistress decided to go on a diet together. She got me special food, which contains little fat and is rich in easily digestible proteins. I believe it can help me lose weight and soon I’ll be able to show myself in front of Charlie and whip my tail proudly.


  • High Protein (40%), low fat (10%) content helps to reduce weight effectively
  • L-carnitine enhances weight-loss
  • Psyllium, apple, beet fibre improves the digestion process

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