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Dr. Bertold Schell, founder of Supra-Cell, is one of the first veterinarians to homeopathy. Supra-Cell believes in Biological Remedies & Food Supplement for Pets.

What is Homeopathy?

Homeopathy is the administration of minute quantities of medicines that, in much greater concentration, actually cause symptoms similar to those being treated.


Bach Flowers Remedies

The idea to select seven items from the Bach flower therapy is based on the experience that these seven emotional conditions appear often in pets. It is new to produce a Bach flower blend in globule form for each subject. This makes it possible to take care of even the most sensitive pets if they get into emotional despair. The advantage of the blends is that the individual remedies strengthen each other and thus result in a higher whole.

Dr Schuessler and His Salts

Biochemical healing is a substitutional healing process where the organism lacking mineral salts is provided with these substances. These minerals are of structural nature and are processed homoeopathically according to Dr. Schüssler. They are diluted and potentiated to enable penetration of the cellular wall. Potentiation generates ionised, i.e. electrically charged molecules. They provide cells, tissue or liquids with information needed to function in their specific way. In this sense they are means of function.

Pet vital biochemical medication according to Dr. Schüssler is offered in the form of solution for comfortable, frequent and safe administering to all domestic animals. The liquid dilutions in 50 ml bottles are sufficient for 200 to 400 dispensations. They are best administered in water. The absorption of Dr. Schüssler’s products into the animals’ organs works through oral mucosa, as it does with any other homeopathic remedy. Side effects, interaction with other remedies or effects of addiction are not known.


Composition 10 g solution contain:
Hepar sulfuris C 6 1 g
Mercurius solubilis C 12 1 g
Phytolacca americana C 6 1 g

Excerpts from tested ingredients in accordance with diagnosed disease:
HEPAR SULFURIS Tendency to festering of skin, mucous membranes and glands.Flow of saliva.Swallowing is painful.Bad breath.
MERCURIUS SOLUBILIS Infection in mouth and throat, slimy, pussy and yellowish green. Swelling of glands and tendency to festering. Bad breath. Tongue covered with indentation marks of teeth. Flow of saliva,swollen tonsils.
PHYTOLACCA AMERICANA Tendency to chronic inflammation of tonsils and throat ring.The relation between mucous membranes and throat ring is remarkable.

The cat is a frequent patient in connection with this composition of ailments. Swallowing pains, gingivitis and tonsillitis are often reported. Once again, the clinical picture is decisive.If the defense mechanism of the animal produces symptoms similar to those described in the clinical picture then the remedy is appropriate.

Female cat of about eight years, brought from the society for the prevention of cruelty to animals, with untreated kerato conjunctivitis on the left eye, pyosis, purulent nasal excretions.The tonsils are inflamed and a festering yellow. There is pain when swallowing. After one week of treatment an improvement was visible, but then there was a relapse. The initial anorexia gave way to a good appetite. After two further weeks of therapy with the combination preparation a significant increase in weight and a general increase in activity took place. There was no longer pain when swallowing.

Large animals 15 – 20 drops
Small animals, cats,dogs 5 – 10 drops
Dogs,cats 2 – 10 globules
Small pets 2 – 5 globules

Repetition of treatment depends on the course of sickness:As a rule the drops are administered in drinking water or feed for a week, thereafter twice a week. When recovering less often. Secondary effects, contraindications or reciprocal effects with other medication:not known.




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