JANP Cat Litter With Lemon 10L


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One of the decisions that you will need to make as a cat owner is the type of litter that you will use. Not only does the litter need to be comfortable for your cat, but it also needs to be easy for you to clean. Another consideration is the odor

Fresh Lemon Scent

JANP cat litter with lemon offers a lemon scented litter that can keep your house from the smell of cat urine and litter. Many litters on the market smell like clay or rock and can be quite unpleasant. The lemon scent of this litter provides a pleasant scent, which is perfect for those who have sensitive noses and want to mask the smell of the litter.

The JANP cat litter is not as dusty as other litters of this type and it clumps well, which makes it much easier to clean.

When choosing a litter for your cat it is important to find one that will clump well and smell nice. This can help provide you with the true pleasure of owning cats as you will not be as worried as your house smelling.


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