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Net Weight: 20lbs

Kit Cat Activated Charcoal Pine Cat Litter is made up of charcoal blended with pine wood. Charcoal is usually an effective odor eliminator for getting rid of smelly odors, even for animal’s urine and stool odours. Charcoal pine has a clean and natural smell which helps to mask the odorus in the litter pans to segregate breakdowns. Kit Cat Charcoal Cat litter has the capacity to absorb 3 times of its weight in water. This absorption capacity is the key ingredient in controlling odour. With charcoal, it’s odour control is up to 3 times stronger than normal wood pine. Since Kit cat Litter is 100% biodegradable product, hence it is easy to dispose, unlike other clumping litters.

Usage Guidelines:
One bag of 20 lbs for 1 cat will lasts about 90 days.
Fill litter box approximately 5-7 inches of Kit Cat Charcoal pine litter.Kit Cat Charcoal pine litter is designed to absorb urine and break down to sawdust. Remove waste and the sawdust. Top up as needed.

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