PetAg Mirra-Coat Dog Powder



Net Weight: 226g


Nutritional supplement for skin & coat.  Recommended as a high potency nutritional supplement, which aids in correcting nutritional deficiencies and for maintenance of a beautiful skin and coat condition. Improvements are seen within 2 weeks of use.

Mirra-Coat contains the following:

  • Balanced Omega 6 & Omega 3 Essential Fatty Acids (EFA) – promotes cell membrane and nerve cell formation – improves skin barrier function.
  • Both linoleic and linolenic acid.
  • Optimal Organic oils (pesticide and solvent free).
  • High levels of natural antioxidants and vitamins:
    • Vitamin E complex (tocopherol and tocotrienol) which prevents cellular oxidation, balances vitamin A concentration and activates EFA metabolism.
    • Vitamin A prevents plugged hair follicles.
    • Vitamin B6 prevents dermatitis and hair loss and activates EFA and protein metabolism.
    • No Vitamin D – excess vitamin D causes bone dysfunction – excess vitamin D causes soft tissue calcification.
    • Zinc – prevents scaly dermatitis and hair lossactivates EFA and protein enzyme systems.
    • Biotin – prevents scaly dermatitis and hair loss – improves hair color and luster – activates EFA and protein metabolism.
  • High level of octocosanol, a potent energy source.
  • Gamma-oryzanol for improved growth and better blood circulation.
  • Convenience – concentrated liquid form – high protein powder form.

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Dogs – Add one tablespoon (7.5g) of Mirra-Coat daily to an adult dog’s food for each 20

pounds (9kg) of body weight. Use ½ the recommended level for wirehaired breeds.

Other Pets– add one teaspoon (1 tsp=2.5g) per 9 lbs (4kg) of body weight daily.

These feeding directions should be doubled for young, pregnant or nursing pets. Follow the directions and watch your dog’s coat improve in just two weeks.



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