Gold Medal Housebreaking Aid


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Training Aid for Housebreaking Puppies – For Puppies 8 Weeks+

  • Spot Trains Puppy to One Spot
  • Use on Newspaper, Concrete, Dirt or Grass
  • Gradually Move Newspapers Outside to Desired Area – And Spot it!

RECOMMENDED FOR: Training Puppies And Dogs


Put several drops of Housebreaking Aid on the desired elimination surface (newspapers, grass, dirt, etc.). Take your puppy to the spot frequently and upon wakening, 15 to 20 minutes after eating and during play. For puppies, train to newspapers first, then gradually move the newspapers outside and eventually take them away and mark the ground.

Keep the puppy on a leash while training if you are outdoors. Keep it short – take him out or to the spot for 5 minutes. If he doesn’t go, crate him or watch him carefully and come back later. Repeat until he eliminates.

Dogs should not be allowed to play or socialize outside until after they eliminate. Play acts as its own reward and encourages the pet to eliminate quickly when outdoors. Walk or take the puppy immediately to the area you have “spotted”. Praise him when he eliminates on the spot. Praise is crucial to housebreaking. Never punish a mistake – make a note of when it happened so you can remember to take the puppy to his spot at that time.

If a dog is not supervised and not encouraged to eliminate in a specified spot, that dog will learn to eliminate in the area he uses most frequently. Despite adequate walk time, supervision and spot training is the key to good housebreaking. Keep in mind that all puppies are individuals, and housebreaking must be tailored accordingly. Be patient, be consistent, encourage elimination in desired areas use lots of praise and avoid punishment. Restrict access to carpeted areas until you have the puppy trained.


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