Yogi Pee Tray Toilet Large


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Your puppy will never have “accidents” ever again with the Yogi Pee Tray Toilet, nor will he or she be tracking urine all over your floor. That’s because the innovative Yogi Pee Tray allows urine to fall into the hole of the upper plate, and you’ll be able to clean up other puppy messes even easier, by lifting the upper plate and removing feces. The Yogi Pee Tray also prevents your dog from biting off the end of the pad, which is a very nice feature for those who are raising a puppy who tries to bite everything.

You simply separate the upper plate, spread out a pad or paper and then use the tray. the holes in the upper plate are arranged in an attractive bone pattern, and the lower plate contains a projection that allows you to hook up the upper plate seamlessly. There is no better option for potty training than the Yogi Pee Tray Toilet.

51.5cm(W) x 80cm(L) x 3.5cm(H)


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