No.11 Sexual Instinct



This blend balances the energy produced by the gonads and therefore the sexual instinct. Your pet can enjoy his male or her female powers gently and harmoniously.

Sexual maturity causes often problems in animal husbandry – especially when a pet is normally gentle, but suddenly becomes unexpectedly snappy and aggressive towards its owner. Withdraw and leave the animals alone with each other. The budding sexual instinct is a good sign, and reproduction, or the preservation of species, is part and parcel of nature.

In animal husbandry, castration and sterilisation are often inevitable in order to reduce the number of offspring and to prevent serious behavioural disorders. However, this does not mean that male and female pets cannot have a fulfilled and harmonious sex life. Some animals have a very active sexual instinct, while with others reproduction is difficult. It is not always easy to find the correct measure or balance in this respect. Housing which is too confined is often a reason for stress experienced by sexual partners. It is even possible for an aroused male to wrongly assume that his female is a rival and for him to respond aggressively.

In all these instances, the Bach flower remedy has proved itself to be very useful. It does not suppress and stimulate but balances the energy produced by the gonads and therefore the sexual instinct. If your pet can enjoy his male or her female powers gently and harmoniously, it will remain full of zest for life, playful and creative until an advanced age.

Best thing to do? As soon as you realise that two pets have started to be interested in sex, arrange their accommodation in such a way as to ensure that the female can always beat a hasty retreat. If they become too aggressive, you may have to separate the male and female for a few days. Sexuality is something very intimate. It is therefore important to respect the fact that the couple will not want to be disturbed or watched.

TIP: Orange light has a very balancing effect on the sexuality. A salt lamp or coloured cloth in front of a source of light serve this purpose. Orange light has a harmonising effect on the endocrine system.


Application Method:

Dosage and application per animal and day:    Per bottle contains 10g globules

The globules are put in the feed or drinking water (dissolved before in some water):

Dog/cat                      5 – 10 globules
Pets                            2  –  5 globules

In case of acute problems: daily 2 – 3 selected times for 5 – 7 days

Chronic problems:               1 – 2 times daily for 4 – 6 weeks

If you feel that the sexual instincts of one or other of the animals is too strong, administer the Bach flower remedy (5 – 10 globules) in the drinking water for 3 – 5 days. You should also respect the fact that your previously tame animal does not seek contact with you at this time. If the animal couple seems to be listless or the courtship lasts too long, use this remedy in the drinking water and temporarily withdraw your company.


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