No.2 Fear



This remedy is for all cases when the animal is afraid of something (people, hands, animal of the same species, objects) or if it is anxious by nature. You have to distinguish between fear and caution among pets. Even the tamest pet still has a trace of wild animal in it. Therefore they are cautious by nature and as a rule they can evaluate danger. With an attitude germane to the species, to which we aspire if at all possible, the instincts remain intact.

As pet owners we are attempting to maintain a piece of nature by providing sufficient exercise or space to the pets so that they can follow their urge for movement and withdrawal. They need a place where they feel secure. Many conditions of fear occur because the pet feels defenceless or has not enough opportunities to withdraw.

Fear can be triggered by sudden events affecting the animal and when it feels threatened. Events triggering fear create negative energies, which the pet senses more distinctly because it has finer instincts than humans do. There is also the pet that is anxious by nature that is afraid of all kinds of possible things and that is easily startled.

First try to find out whether there is a reason for the fear. The best remedy is useless if unreasonable demands are made on the animal and it is supposed to do something it cannot understand or tolerate.
Make sure the pet has a safe place to withdraw to.
Based on experience, the animal’s fear does not disappear overnight.

Signs of fear

• The pet tries to hide.
• It whimpers or howls.
• It shakes.
• It bites out of fear.


Application method: 

Dosage and application per animal and day:    Per bottle contains 10g globules

The globules are put in the feed or drinking water (dissolved before in some water):

Dog/cat                      5 – 10 globules
Pets                            2  –  5 globules

In case of acute problems: daily 2 – 3 selected times for 5 – 7 days

Chronic problems:               1 – 2 times daily for 4 – 6 weeks

Put 5 globules into the drinking water of your pet once or twice daily and stop when you have the impression that your pet’s condition has improved.


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